Biomedical Innovation by the Numbers

Biomedical Innovation
by the Numbers

Explore how research and training at UBC’s faculty of medicine and across the life sciences are accelerating the translation of medical discoveries to patient care — and growing the B.C. economy.

Training future scientists and leaders

With 25 clinical, population health, and discovery-based graduate programs, the UBC faculty of medicine trains the highly skilled workforce of tomorrow.

master’s, PhD and postdoctoral trainees every year

Turning investments into discoveries

Year after year, research excellence and innovation in the UBC faculty of medicine is supported by investment from funding sources here at home and around the globe.

total research funding received in the last ten years

Making breakthrough discoveries

Lipid nanoparticle technology, universal blood-type donor organs, and stem cell treatments for diabetes — these are just a few of the UBC innovations that are revolutionizing patient treatment and care.

patents issued or filed*

Turning discoveries into solutions

Working with partner pharmaceutical and biotech companies UBC researchers are rapidly translating breakthrough discoveries into blockbuster drugs for brain tumours, Treg cell therapies for organ transplant patients, and much more — transforming patient health outcomes around the world.

industry partnership agreements completed*

Igniting biomedical innovation

Many of B.C.’s most successful biotech companies were founded at UBC to develop and commercialize breakthrough discoveries. From AbCellera to Acuitas and Precision NanoSystems, they are helping to drive the rapid growth of the province’s innovation ecosystem.

spin-off companies created*

Translating investments into impact

UBC reinvests revenue generated from technology licensing into the creation of cutting-edge facilities and the training and recruitment of world-class scientists to accelerate biomedical innovation.

in revenue generated from technology licensing*

* Source: Data provided by UBC’s University-Industry Liaison Office and reflects total numbers to date.